Transparency and Ratings

Transparency has been a requirement for all of Fluidra’s stakeholders and, in particular, for our investors, who not only assess our performance in the financial area, but also evaluate our ESG performance.

At Fluidra, we believe that there is a need for greater consistency and transparency in the disclosure of business activities and their impact on the environment and society. That is why Fluidra works to incorporate the most demanding standards in non-financial information reporting in its Integrated Annual Report, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the International Integrated Reporting Framework (IR Framework), in addition to complying with non-financial disclosure regulations at the European level.

Fluidra participates in and is evaluated annually by various sustainability indexes and ratings, which measure the company’s performance and progress in environmental, social and governance matters. All these methodologies, indices and ratings establish the best ESG practices in companies, and we work as a group to incorporate their metrics into our day-to-day business.

The main indexes and ratings in which Fluidra participates are as follows:

S&P Global:

In 2020, Fluidra participated for the first time in the Standard & Poors (S&P) ESG Evaluation, obtaining an overall score of 69/100. The full report with the results of the evaluation is available on the S&P website.

Carbon Disclosure Projects:

The company has been evaluated by the organization CDP (Carbon Disclosure Projects), obtaining a “B-“ rating. With this rating, Fluidra has become one of the companies that are aware of the management and adaptation to Climate Change, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices to protect future generations.

FTSE4Good Index Series:

Fluidra continues for another year in the FTSE4Good Index Series, an index that requires compliance with a series of ESG criteria, in addition to reaching certain levels of capitalization.

MSCI ESG Ratings:

Fluidra obtained a BBB rating from MSCI ESG Ratings in the last evaluation of 2019, thus maintaining for 2020 the rating obtained the previous year.

Reporta Report:

Fluidra is ranked 7th out of 116 in the Reporta Report, which analyzes the quality of the information that companies listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange make available to their stakeholders, assessing the effort made by companies to communicate beyond mere legal compliance.


The company has improved the rating obtained in the Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating Report from 31.7 points in 2020 (High Risk) to 24.6 points in 2021 (Medium Risk).

Clarity AI:

Fluidra obtained 62 points in the Clarity AI platform, which analyzes the social and environmental impact of companies. By dimensions, the company scored 68 points for governance, 60 for social and 58 for the environmental dimension.