Fundació Fluidra

The Fundació Fluidra

Fundació Fluidra was set up in 2016 to put the knowledge acquired around pools and water over the company’s 50-year history at the service of society and, in particular, the people who need it most. The foundation was conceived as a natural step forward in Fluidra’s commitment to society so it could better focus its CSR initiatives and have a greater impact.

Fundació Fluidra mission: “We want to add our drop of water for a better world. We dedicate our knowledge, experience, and financing to inclusive pools, water and culture. We want to ensure that all people have access to pools and swimming and the therapeutic benefits they provide. We facilitate access to water for the development of disadvantaged regions and believe in culture as a backbone of society”.

The Inclusive Pool

The goal of Fundació Fluidra’s “Inclusive Pool” initiative is to bring the pool experience to people who for different reasons cannot enjoy it, to improve their wellbeing and quality of life: “A Perfect Pool Experience for Everybody”.  The challenge we have set ourselves is to facilitate pool use and enjoyment to 1 million people with difficult access.

Fundació Fluidra heading up construction of an “inclusive pool” in Senegal. Fundació Fluidra has announced it will undertake a new project consisting of building a swimming pool at a school in Thiaroye, on the outskirts of Senegalese capital Dakar, with the aim of helping over 2,000 children from the city learn to swim.


Fundació Fluidra currently implements the KAG-25 project alongside a farm school managed by Écoles Pies in the Karang region of Senegal. The aim of this initiative is to turn a 25-hectare farm in the south of the country into viable horticultural land, where profits can be invested in the training of its young students. In this farm school children and young people are given vocational training for 4 years. All of this is to enable them to feed themselves, as well as give them greater entrepreneurial and financial skills. 


The foundation is also a supporting member of Palau de la Música Catalana and Gran Teatre del Liceu. It also assists Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès, Fundació Abadia de Montserrat, GIO Orquestra and Fundació Catalunya Cultura in promoting different cultural initiatives. Furthermore, as Fundació Fluidra takes a concern in the well-being of people and in the endangered species protection, it cooperates with Fundació Sanitària Mollet, Fundació CRAM and Banc d’Acció Social.