Environmental Management

Fluidra endeavors to alleviate climate change and its predicted impacts through protection of the environment and sustainable resource use. We also establish initiatives that can positively impact our work setting and the environment.

Climate change is a problem for organizations and society in general. Fluidra aims to increase efficiency rates, reduce emissions, and offset part of our carbon footprint. Every gesture counts. 

We take care of the environment

The company is committed to implementing an Environmental Management System that enables the compilation and evaluation of information around the impact our activities have on the environment so we can monitor our performance and set goals and objectives to improve it. To that end we will step up the number of facilities with ISO 14001 EMS certification.

We strive to use natural resources responsibly and minimize our environmental footprint, both in our daily activities as well as in the products we create through the following initiatives:

Efficient use of energy

Effective and responsible use of natural resources and energy.

  • Employees should always consider the most efficient use of energy and look for opportunities to reduce energy consumption in their workplace. This includes turning off lights and lab / office equipment when they are not being used.
  • The directors of quality and facilities must consider the most efficient use of energy within the acceptable intervals according to regulatory or compliance standards.

  • Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy are considered in light of new and proposed projects. Preference is given to projects that improve energy efficiency
Mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change

We calculate our carbon footprint each year, allowing us to measure our performance, track our actions, and identify risks and improvement opportunities to move forward with minimizing our emissions through emission reduction initiatives or by offsetting.


  • Employees should minimize travel whenever possible and choose video or teleconference options in cases where they are available and acceptable to the business.
Recycling and reducing waste

The ESG Plan envisages onboarding the circular economy into the group’s processes, specifically circular products, i.e., those designed to be recycled or reused from the outset.


To meet the “Zero Waste” goal, Fluidra is working to promote the implementation of renewable and recycled materials and improve our product packaging, supporting the use of reusable boxes and the progressive elimination of parts that are not 100% recyclable. Our plan is to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfill each year and increase recycling and reuse to reduce our impact.

  • Employees must minimize waste through recycling in all cases where there are local recycling systems in place. They must take into account the environment before printing emails, attachments to emails or other work-related documents.
  • Process developers must incorporate techniques to reduce and recycle materials.
  • Production employees should look for opportunities to reduce waste associated with wastewater discharges.
Efficient use of water

Water is core to our business and our survival. Taking care of it, making the best use of it, avoiding any source of contamination, and anticipating how climate change will jeopardize its availability is essential for managing our business.

We are therefore working to minimize water consumption at our facilities, incentivizing everyone at Fluidra to make responsible and efficient water use and to identify opportunities to reduce consumption in our facilities.

  • Employees should always consider how to use water most efficiently and identify opportunities to reduce water use in the workplace.