Zodiac Pool Lab

Zodiac Pool Lab is the pool range of chemicals that offer complete pool care

Zodiac® Pool Lab is the pool professionals’ range of chemicals that offers a complete pool care system that is all about making the pool experience the best it can be. Beautiful, sparkling, clean, healthy, inviting, and pure. A system whose purpose is to help deliver the promise of a better life. It’s all about being easy, straightforward, and stress-free.

For over 100 years we have been motivated by innovation and innovation has inspired our greatest successes. Every day we strive to supply the highest quality products and constantly seek to develop innovative products. Innovation is what we create every day, for everyone, for a better life because the pool is a source of pleasure and joy. A place to reunite families which builds relationships and memories, a place where time stands still.

That’s the magic of a pool!

At Zodiac®, we manufacture more than just pool equipment. We create A BETTER LIFE.