About Fluidra

We are a leading company in the global pool & wellness industry

Fluidra Waterlinx now called Fluidra was established in South Africa 20 years ago and is now part of the listed Spanish multinational group Fluidra, a global leader in the pool industry. A recent worldwide merger between Fluidra and Zodiac has contributed to our comprehensive brand portfolio which includes some of the most trusted brands in the industry such as Zodiac, BLU52, Quality, Zodiac Pool Lab, Pool Magic, Hunter, Cepex, and AstralPool.

Consequently, we are able to offer efficient and effective products and solutions for the use of water in leisure, sports, and therapeutic applications associated with swimming pools, spas, and wellness centres for domestic, commercial, and public use, as well as domestic irrigation and fluid handling applications.

The South African operation manufactures and distributes products for local and export professional trade customers and retailers through an ISO9001 accredited factory and over 30 distribution centres and sub-distributors.

We are a values-driven organisation with a simple mission in mind: To create the perfect pool and wellness experience.

A Premier Global Platform

Through its subsidiaries, Fluidra has operations in more than 45 countries. In South Africa, we have more than 10 sales branches, one production facility, and a number of carefully placed logistics hubs that assist our production and distribution center. With the help of this international network, Fluidra is able to distribute a wide range of goods while taking into account the unique characteristics of each location, pool, and client.

Over 500 dedicated and talented employees from all over South Africa make up our team. Because of its multicultural background, Fluidra is able to completely comprehend and adjust to its customers’ needs.

Highly Regarded Brands

Some of the most recognizable brands in the industry are included in Fluidra’s portfolio, including BLU52®, AstralPool®, Quality®, Cepex®, Zodiac®, Pool Magic®, Baracuda®, Africhem®, and Hunter®.

As a complement to the services offered by the master brands, it also includes other, more niche brands like iAqualink and Fluidra Connect. 

The Most Comprehensive Product Range

In order to give pool users “all they need to have a fantastic pool and wellness experience, responsibly,” Fluidra always keeps this in mind. This converts into a wide range of products, devices, components, and services.

Pool experts, in South Africa, very much like our Fluidra Pro Centers, “one-stop-shops, where they may get everything they need. There is a large selection of products available, and technical support is offered as needed.

An Integrated Vertical Business Strategy

All aspects of the supply chain are covered by Fluidra’s business strategy, including R&D, production, marketing, and distribution. In order to provide the best product and solution, we conduct our own research, development, and innovation; we have our own production facilities along with outside sourcing; we are marketing and distribution experts with various models that cater to the various needs of markets or geographic regions.

The Residential Pool marketing strategy used by Fluidra respects the various channels. Our professional clientele mostly consists of pool building firms, pool retailers, pool care companies, etc. For the mass market and internet channels, we have distinctive products and brands.

In Commercial Pool & Projects, architects, real estate developers, or hotel owners are our partners in projects for commercial or public use, such as pools, wellness centers, fountains, lagoons, etc., who also gain from our global platform.

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Genuinely Innovative and Practical

At Fluidra, as part of our pursuit of excellence, we work to identify the best solutions to improve customer and user experience through innovation in important fields, such as energy efficiency and sustainability, robotics, and specifically the Internet of Things.

Pool connection, which allows users to view a pool’s state and communicate with it remotely over the Internet, is a critical tool for enhancing both the experience of our users and the businesses of our professional service customers. Additionally, it enables pool owners to save money on things like chemicals, power, and water, helping to promote the effective and sustainable use of swimming pools.

This active and ongoing dedication is supported by a staff of more than 200 engineers, a total of almost 1,400 patents worldwide, and a product portfolio.