Top tips for keeping it clean!

Having a swimming pool is a great investment and luxury for many people. Taking a dip and cooling off during the sweltering summer months is such a relief! However, enjoying the benefits of having a pool come with some maintenance and care. But the good news is, keeping your pool sparkling clean is not as difficult and time consuming as you may think!

This is where we come in! Waterlinx has simplified the process for you, making the maintenance of your swimming pool quick and easy! Many people think that the upkeep of a pool only needs to be done during certain seasons. However, keeping your pool clean and healthy is necessary all year round! Below are some quick and easy tips to follow, and recommended products you should use to make this happen!

7 Top Tips for a Clean and Healthy Pool!

  • Every few days, skim your pool’s surface (by hand) and collect floating debris. Debris is harder to remove when it sinks. Skimming also increases the efficiency of your pool’s circulation system and lowers the amount of chlorine you will need to use. Alternatively, install a Poolskim on your return line.
  • Clean out your weir basket at least once a week. This helps with the circulation of the pool.
  • Your pool cleaner should be used regularly to keep the surface clean and to reduce the amount of chemicals needed. If you still need help, our Africhem range of products are there to assist.
  • Like brushing your teeth, brushing the walls of your pool is also important. If you don’t brush your teeth, germs and plaque start building up. The same is true of your pool- if you don’t brush the walls, the build-up of algae and calcium deposits will preside. A stiff brush should be used for plaster-lined pools, while a softer brush is recommended for tile, vinyl and fibreglass walls. However, if your pool is already experiencing algae build up, our wide range of Africhem products will sort it out for you.
  • Africhem chlorine is the most effective daily sanitiser for pool water, available at all reputable pool shops.
  • An Africhem WonderCube in your weir or pump basket monthly guarantees sparkling water.
  • Remember to check pH of the water weekly. A pH scale is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity that runs from 0-14. A reading between 7.2 and 7.8 is ideal. Africhem Soda Ash and Alkalinity products will assist in raising the pH levels in all pools.
  • Backwash and rinse your pool at least twice a month and clean your weir basket weekly.

And there you have it! Follow these top tips and visit the products page to view the best range of pool care products- if you want beautiful, healthy, crystal clear water for your pool. You won’t be disappointed!

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  • Hi. I have just bought a home with a swimming pool.
    I have never been fortunate enough to own a house with a pool. Initially when I viewed the house the pool was sparkling clean. I was
    Upon moving in I noted the pool was rather dirty with brownish sand floating at the bottom.

    I have no clue about pool Maintenance.

    Any suggestions for me.

    Many thanks

  • Hello,
    I had bought a submerged light assembly and could not last 3 seconds before the bulbs blows off. What must must I do in particular instance..?


    Odirile Labane

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