ROBOTS: Unique features and benefits to fit every need

Fluidra WaterLinx Robots

AstralPool’s “Robots” incorporate exceptional mapping and optimisation software to bring you a tech-savvy pool cleaner. This combined with superior product design results in a quick and thorough pool cleaner for all types of pools and all types of dirt.

The primary features of Robots are:

  1. Three-dimensional filters. Robots come standard with the new three-dimensional filter bags which contain fabric loops. These fabric loops have the ability to trap the smallest microparticles resulting in cleaning abilities which are four times stronger than other filters.
  2. Gryo technology. Gyro is a smart navigation system which scans and memorises the shape of your pool. This enables your Robot to avoid obstacles and prevents the cable from tangling while thoroughly cleaning the bottom, sides and water line of your pool quickly and with every cycle.
  3. Adjustable nozzles. Robots have nozzles which can be adjusted depending on the type of dirt in your pool thereby enhancing the suction power. In sandy and beach areas, these nozzles can be lowered to ensure that every particle is vacuumed out your pool.
  4. Built-in control. Robots power supply includes a programmer and a remote can also be used to adjust the settings.
  5. PVA wheels and brushes. Robots have PVA wheels and brushes which ensure maximum grip to pool walls and slopes, no matter the surface type.

AstralPool’s Robots come in six different models for use in both commercial and residential pools. Each model has unique features and benefits to meet your individual needs.

Ultra 250

Ultra 500


H5 Duo

H7 Duo

Sonic 4

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