How to Conserve Water with your Swimming Pool

Water is a precious resource and is slowly becoming scarce. It is important that we look after our resources while enjoying them for recreation. Here is a list of ways to conserve water while taking care of your swimming pool:

#1 Get a pool cover

Covering your pool not only keeps it cleaner, but also reduces water loss by evaporation. It also helps to keep the heat in especially in the evenings when it cools down. This means you save energy on heating the water too. Pool covers are also great for reducing algae growth and maintaining chemical balance.

#2 Heat less

If your pool is heated, reduce the temperature by a few degrees. Warmer water evaporates quicker which means greater water loss. Cooling your pool down by only 4 degrees can drastically influence the amount of water lost, and also save you money on the heating bill too.

#3 Look for leaks

Monitor your pool’s water level if you suspect any leaks. If your pool is leaking, locate the leak and repair it as soon as possible. Even the smallest leak can result in substantial water loss.

#4 Maintain the water level

Monitor your pool’s water level and if you need to top it up, keep an eye on it- you don’t want to forget about it and overfill the pool and waste any additional water. If your pool is used frequently, keep the water level a little lower than usual to reduce the amount of water lost when excessive splashing occurs.

#5 Backwash sparingly

You don’t need to backwash your pool too often or for too long each time. Backwashing too often can also reduce the effectiveness of your filter. Determine what works best for your pool and filter, and save water by only backwashing when necessary. It is also a good idea to clean the filter manually as you will use less water and most probably do a better job cleaning than backwashing will. When backwashing, consider repurposing the water in your garden to prevent wastage.

#6 Run the pump less often

If possible run your pump less often. At different times of the year your pool may require the pump to run more or less frequently. Test out what your pool needs by running the pump less often, if the water starts to become cloudy you will need to run it more often again until the water clears up.

#7 Turn off water features

While water features and fountains look beautiful and sound soothing, they can cause more water loss. A significant amount of water is lost when water is aerated. Consider only turning on water features when you are entertaining or for special occasions.

#8 Don’t drain the pool

Do not drain the pool unless you absolutely need to! If you maintain your pool correctly, there should be no need to drain the water at all. Rather take care of the pool on a regular basis than waste the water it will take to drain and refill it.

You don’t have to fill in your pool with soil to save water. Simply implement these simple tips to conserve and use less water. It is possible to enjoy your swimming pool while looking out for the environment and being water wise.

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