Heating your Pool this Winter

Fluidra WaterLinx Heating your Pool this Winter

As winter approaches many pool owners cover up their pools and bury the thought of swimming until spring. Whether or not the pool is heated, swimming has become an activity predominantly celebrated in the summer months.

With various heating methods available to pool owners such as solar heating and electric heat pump systems, more pool owners are finding this a great way to extend the summer and enjoy the pool well into the colder season.

It is important to note that the pool and all equipment should be well maintained, not only in the colder seasons, but all year round. This will ensure optimal operation of the system and reduce maintenance of the heating system itself.


Considering Heating your Swimming Pool?

Installing and operating each of the heating method has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to opt for a method that suits the pool owner’s lifestyle and preferences.


Solar vs Electric?

Solar Heating

This is a great option for the environmentally conscious pool owner as it harnesses energy from a natural source, at a low cost. The costs of installation may be high but the system itself is inexpensive to run. Therefore, in the long run, the initial cost is justifiable.

The disadvantages of solar heating are few. Installation requires knowledge relating to positioning of the solar panels in terms of orientation and tilt – this may require the expertise of a professional.

Solar heating can be unreliable in geographical locations that do not experience a lot of sunny days. The solar heating system also does not heat the water quite as much as some other systems do and should be paired with a solar blanket or pool cover to increase its effectiveness by insulating the pool and retaining the heat.


Electric Heat Pump system

This method has many benefits beyond the fact that it is a very safe and an easy to use alternative. The heat pump is an energy efficient system. The cost of installation is affordable while the cost of operation tends to be quite high. The system runs on electricity, and therefore becomes an annoyance during power outages as it cannot be utilised.

The disadvantages of using this particular heating system is that it can be noisy, and can only operate at temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius.


What to do?

At Waterlinx, we offer our customers a range of pool heating products and equipment as well as specialist guidance in selecting the most appropriate pool heating solution to suit the pool owner’s lifestyle and preferences.

Follow this link to view our pool heating solutions http://waterlinx.co.za/product-category/pool-heating/

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