Maintaining your Pool in Winter

Fluidra WaterLinx Maintaining your Pool in Winter

Winter is slowly approaching, a few leaves remain on the trees. The shorter days, longer nights and consistent drop in temperature mean that pool owners are spending less time outdoors maintaining their pools. Regardless of whether the pool is used or not, it is important to care for and maintain a swimming pool all year round.

Pool Safety

Fluidra WaterLinx Pool Safety

Swimming is a great recreational sport enjoyed by many people young and old. Not only is it fun, but it makes for good exercise. However it is vital to know how to keep yourself and others safe while in and around the water. It’s the month of April Fools, but being around water is no joking matter. We at Waterlinx are serious about pool and water safety. If you are still enjoying the last few sunny days by the pool, be sure to keep safety in mind!

Top tips for keeping it clean!

Fluidra WaterLinx Top tips for keeping it clean!

Having a swimming pool is a great investment and luxury for many people. Taking a dip and cooling off during the sweltering summer months is such a relief! However, enjoying the benefits of having a pool come with some maintenance and care. But the good news is, keeping your pool sparkling clean is not as difficult and time consuming as you may think!

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