6 Key Advantages of Salt Chlorination

There is often a debate about which is better: using traditional chlorine to treat a swimming pool, or to opt for salt chlorination. Many debates revolve around the fact that the two options are of equal value. With that being said, let us focus on the benefits of salt chlorination:

#1 – No harsh chemicals
While chlorine is present in a salt water pool, the levels are not very high and there is no need to add any extra sanitising chemicals. It is not necessary to store or handle harsh and toxic chemicals. This means that caring for the pool is more environmentally-friendly. In addition, there is no strong chlorine odour around the pool.

#2 – Minimal maintenance
The best thing about a salt water pool is that it requires very little maintenance. These pools virtually clean themselves with little attention required from the pool owner. There is no need for added sanitizers however, the pool owner should conduct regular pH, alkalinity and water hardness tests to ensure a healthy swimming pool. Since the level of sanitizers is constant in salt water, algae is less likely to grow, requiring less cleaning.

#3 – Health Benefits
Salt water is healthier for swimmers enjoying the water. Compared to chlorine-treated pools, salt water is softer on skin, eyes and hair. Additives and high levels of chlorine are responsible for the irritation often experienced by swimmers. This irritation is absent in a salt water pool, making it more suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

#4 – Cost-effective
While the initial cost of a salt water pool may be quite high, the system is extremely cost-effective in the long run, and the cost of the salt chlorinator will soon pay for itself as the price of salt is relatively cheap versus that of regular chlorine. Very little salt is required annually to sustain the salt concentration. The amount of salt needed will also depend on the rain and water loss.

#5 – The Comfort of Salt Water
Since chlorine levels are very low, yet still effective, swimmers will not be subject to dry skin, red eyes, discoloured hair and discoloured swimsuits. Making for a comfortable experience in the water.

#6 – Salt Chlorination is Versatile
A salt chlorination system can be installed in any type of water body, whether it be a small Jacuzzi in the home or a large commercial swimming pool. Installing a salt water system is also very simple and can easily be completed by a professional swimming pool equipment installer.

Salt chlorination has proven its worth many-a-time.

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